Wednesday, July 26, 2006

journal: fidelity

The following journal sketch is about fidelity. The subject of the extreme outcome of relationship (the pro and cons) that lead to lasting bonds or an abrupt halt. This is an open ended illustration. For the bastids and byotches.- WP

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

On top of old smoky...

Das right folks..this here is a piece of turd. On the way to the recent A.P.E. convention, my boy and I stumbled on this independent cut right by the dumpster. I can't take credit for this but I've created many pieces (artistic, human, etc...) like it. Check out the ol' stain on the burger king napkin action. And oh yeah, don't forget the ol' swirl and whip on the end technique. Boy oh boy, talkin bout alternative press! Upon closer review, I'd say that the owner of this matter isn't a fan of veggies...not one kernel of corn...not one. It speaks on so many levels. Contour, texture, asymetry, timelessness. I say this here is a narrative. Ladies and gentleman..."the Turd." -WP

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The experience of hunting down scalpers and hangin out both nights to attend the show was one hella of a game. Met some really kick ass folks and got to check out the talented UK artist get down. One of the more memorable concert experiences thus far.
Ian A. helped resolve the issue on color ( rgb vs cmyk) Thanks Mr. Ameling WP