Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter

Yesus Kristos gots love for b-boy. Bless up!
Inspired by Davinci's Salvatori Mundi.


Lorraine LeBer said...

I think in the DaVinci code, one of the revelations about Christ was his love of shell tops...but one day Judas scuffed them. The rest is history. This is supa sweet, Wow-pow! I also love your Bob Marley piece. Awesome drawings!

Colin Fix said...

You flipped the easter script. Hurray!!!!!

Colin Fix said...

Excuse me sir. But I'd love to see some more War P cuts. Could you help a brutha out? And show me some more art? Thank you, and good day sir.

Annie Fix said...

Hey War-P! It's been a while...when are we going to see some new, dope cuts?

Your stuff is always a treat!