Sunday, November 18, 2012

Double Headed Cyclops

 Dec. 8, 2012
East Bay Zine Festival
visit the link provided below:

We tabled it was an amazing experience. DIY really is the bare bones of seeing real raw energy and talent!

posted on 11/7/12
To all friends and family that were expecting Just Scheme to exhibit, I regret to inform that we will not. Days before the event, organizers returned the check to my associate claiming that they received more applicants than the actual occupancy allowed. Suffice to say that we are dissappointed for the hard efforts preparing  for this festival, we will still have zines available for sale. Apologies again and wish you all a warm Season's Greetings.

Posted on 11/18 This manicured mofuga will be in one of the zines I'll be selling. We are convention table holders with 3 artist involved. Please come visit and check out the festival.

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